Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hi I'm Thomas J. Luca,
           I'm a Commercial and Fine Artist. Here's one of my Galleries, it's on Fine Art America, "Just click here" and it will take you to it in another window. I'm not tied down to just one specific genre or specialization of art like most traditional Artists were in the past although I do adhere to the basic artistic traditional practices. Below you will see an example of what I am interested as far as different genres of the Art World.

(the order which they are in has no specific importance)

Fine Art:
• Still Life

Kustom Kulture:
Weirdo Art
• Low Brow:  A form of Surrealism style that I like to call the "Robt. Williams"Art or "Todd Schorr"Art because they both adapted their unique styles from the surrealism classification.
Dia de los muertos or "Day of the Dead" Art/Sugar Skull

Pulp Magazine (often referred to as "the pulps"):
Science Fiction
Fantasy / Sword and Sorcery
Horror/Occult (including "Weird Menace")
Adventure/Men's Adventure ("the sweats")
Detective/Mystery or Crime Fiction
Noir Fiction or Série Noire (French Crime Mystery)
"Spicey/Saucy" (Soft Porn)
• Western / Dime Westerns
Penny Dreadful
Gothic Fiction sometimes referred to as Gothic Horror

This post was not so much for everyone else but a reminder or a map to keep me on my course of my Artistic Goals in life. That being said,

I hope you enjoyed my Art and please follow me and join in or start any conversations.

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